fredag 6 januari 2012

Zombielista! Argast! Snabbast! Långsammaste! Ruttnaste!

Hej go vänner och välkommna till en ryslig och illaluktande lista idag! Mina käraste favoriter inom skräckfilm är ju de odöda, de vandöda, de föruttnade, de före detta levande liken som törstar efter att få inmundiga oss levande. Jag har från mina innersta mörka hjärnvindlingar grävt fram en lista på zombies som av olika skäl bör uppmärksammas, hyllas eller rent av skjutas i huvudet! 

(Listan kommer även publiceras på min engelska blogg, därav är listan skriven på engelska)

The angriest zombie
28 weeks later
Nightmare City

Winner: Dr. Hill (David Gale) in Re-animator – Stuart Gordon (1985)
Motivation: He´s angry, he´s bitter and he´s in love….

The most stupid zombiemovie ever made (the stupidest)
Burial Ground
Dawn of the Mummy

Winner: Burial Ground – Andrea Bianchi (1981)
Motivation: You can’t get stupider than this. Even in a genre where most of the participants already are braindead!

The best Vodoozombies
Zombie flesh eaters
Zombie Holocaust
Porno Holocaust

Winner: Zombie Flesh eaters – Lucio Fulci (1979)
Motivation: The mood, the violence and the set pieces on a tropical island makes this the ultimate voodoo zombie movie!

Most iconic zombie
Mr . Tounge -  Day of the Dead
Zombie from Zombie flesh eaters
Cemetery zombie  - Night of the Livind Dead
Dr. Jacob Tess Freudstein -  House by the cemetery
Dr. Hill – Re-Animator
Tarman – Return of the Living Dead

Winner: Cemetery zombie (Bill Heinzman)  - Night of the Living Dead (George A. Romero 1968)
Motivation: The first stumbling modern zombie and also the one who has gotten the most exposure, sure all the others are icons as well, but you know.. they´re coming to get you Barbara!

The most sexy zombie
Erotic Nights of the Living Dead
Porn of the Dead
Porno Holocaust
Zombie strippers
Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!
Return of the Living Dead 3

Winner: Julie Walker in Return of the Living Dead 3 – Brian Yuzna (1993)
Motivation: Have you seen the movie?

Most rotten zombie
Tombs of the Blind Dead
The Beyond
House by the cemetery
City of the living dead

Winnner: The Beyond – Lucio Fulci (1981)
Motivation: I am glad that The Beyond isn´t filmed in Smell-o-viosion. The stench would be unbearable.

Most talkative zombie
Dead Heat
Dead and buried

Winner: Dead & Buried
Motivation: Come on! Haven´t you seen this movie either?

The fastest zombie
Dawn of the Dead
Return of the Living Dead
Day of the Dead (the shitty remake)
Resident Evil 1-4

WinnerDawn of the dead– Zack Snyder (2004) (Look at left corner on the picture for coolest living person alive!)
Motivation: These rotten stinkbags would even outrun a trained athletic!   

The Slowest zombies
The Beyond
The living dead at the Manchester Morgue
Zombie flesh eaters
Burial ground
Shaun of the Dead
Night of the Living Dead
House by the cemetery

Winner: The living dead at the Manchester Morgue
Motivation: You either has to be nailed to the floor or be totally immobilized to get caught by these maggot infested corpses (luckily for us, many of the cast gets eaten none the less).

The sneakiest zombies
Dead and buried
Return of the Living Dead

Winner: Return of the Living dead –Dan O´Bannon (1985)
Motivation: Send more paramedics!

Best Headshot
Dawn of the dead (1978)
The Beyond
Zombie flesheaters

Winner: The Beyond
Motivation: None needed!

The bloodiest zombie movie
Dead snow
Day of the Dead

WinnerBraindead – Peter Jackson (1993)
Motivation: Queen Erbetzh Bathory couldn´t ask for more blood to bathe in than the absurd amount of blood that is spilled in Braindead.

Third reich zombies
Dead Snow
Shock Waves
Oasis of the zombies
Zombie Lake

Winner: Dead Snow – Tommy Wirkola (2009)
Motivation: The coolest nazizombies this side of the second world war and the most aggressive hoard of zombies since Braindead.

The cutest zombie
Redneck zombies

Winner: Redneck zombies – Perciles Lawnes (1989)
Motivation: The cutest babyzombie you’ll ever see.

Best zombie make-up
Walking dead
Night of the living dead (re-make)
Day of the dead
Dawn of the dead 
Dawn of the dead (Re-make)
The Beyond
Zombie Flesh Eaters

WinnerDay of the Dead - George A. Romero (1985)
Motivation: Tom Savinis, and his crew, did some astonishing make-up effects in Day of The Dead. Just look at Mr. Tounge and Bub (Howard Sherman)! 

Best death by zombie
Splinter in the eye - Zombie Flesh Eaters
Torn i half ( Choke on ´em!)- Day of the dead
The bite Tarman takes out of the poor guys´ head in Return of the Living Dead
Dr. Freudsteins impaling of Dagmar Lassander in House by the Cemetery

Winner: Splinter in the eye -  Zombie Flesh Eaters
Motivation: Even though Mr. Fulci tried his best, he never could create a more cringeworthy scene than this!  

That´s it for today! Do you agree with me? Do you disagree? Come on... write a comment if you don´t want the undead to haunt you forever! 

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